“Long have our scholars and priests discussed what becomes of the dead in the Afterlife. Now we will see what must become of the living after Death.” ~Elder Gerhardt, 3 YD

Eighteen years ago, the Death appeared in Telles. For eight years it marched across the land, baffling every healer and confounding every mage. When it finally retreated, millions had died, leaving civilization in shambles, a chaotic wreck of once proud societies.. Whole towns and villages rotted away, with none left to bury the dead and none brave enough to venture in. Royal lines were lost to the last third-cousin of a duke; thrones left empty, with none to pick up the crown.

The Death has not left entirely, but it is no longer raging as it did. Ten years have past since the last great outbreaks. The people of Telles are beginning to remember how they once lived, or to find new ways suited to their emptied home.


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